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Pub Quiz

Every third week at NarrenCastl

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Private Pub Quizzes

Whether it's a company team-building event, a conference after-party, or just a group of trivia-enthusiast friends, we're happy to provide a private, personalised, pub quiz for you! You can reserve the bar for up to 60 people, and the quiz can be customised to your needs!

Companies have used our pub quizzes as an affordable way to foster team-spirit, in an environment that is light-hearted and relaxed, but with enough structure to keep the evening flowing.

Private pub quizzes are offered at a fixed rate price, rather than tip-based. For more information, contact our trivia master, Jon.

Public Pub Quizzes


At our pub quizzes, teams of 2-8 people compete against one another in a wide range of trivia, including pop. culture, history, geography, art, science, math, music, and more. Questions are aimed at a European audience and asked in English, but may be repeated in German. Answers may be given in German or in English. There are many prizes to be won throughout the night, including beer and shots.  


"Pub Quiz Weeks" are every 3rd week. On a Pub Quiz Week, the same quiz is offered on three different nights, always starting at 7pm and the winner is typically announced around 10pm. Reservations are a must. Save yourself disappointment and do not show up without a reservation.

Upcoming Dates - Season 3

Quiz 1 - 24.02, 28.02, 02.02

Quiz 2 - 14.03, 17.03, 23.03

Quiz 3 - 11.04, 14.04, 20.04

Quiz 4 - 02.05, 05.05, 11.05

Quiz 5 - 24.05, 30.05, 01.06

Quiz 6 - 13.05, 16.06, 22.06

Why does it say "Season 3"?

You're welcome to attend any pub quiz randomly. However, if you attend multiple pub quizzes, your team name will be added to our bar's in-house leaderboard. At the end of a season, the top 10 teams are invited back for the Grand Finale. The winners of the Grand Finale are immortalised forever on the walls of NarrenCastl. Season 3 is running from February to June 2023.

What's the catch?

The pub quizzes are made possible entirely due to your generous tips. Towards the end of the night, a tip jar is passed around the bar. The recommended tip is 5 Euros per person.

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